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@doc is a premier provider of structured and customized training classes including the CDIA+ and a variety of other courses in document management and imaging projects and technologies. 

For a local Canadian contact to set up a class or to purchase materials, please contact John Vegh of Xact.

Our Classes
@doc training classes are taught by an @doc instructor. Classes are generally 1 or 2 days in length and can be taught on-site or in off-site facilities. For the CDIA+ class, participants are provided with classroom materials that include study guides, sample checklists and documents, and other materials that are appropriate for the class being taught.  Courses can generally also be customized to meet your specific objectives.  

@doc offers several books on a variety of topics related to the Document Management and Imaging industry. For information on our CDIA+ Self Study Guide, Comprehensive Sales Guide or Sales Training Kit, please click here. The CDIA+ study guide is certified to be in compliance with CompTIA's  2002 testing objectives.  

CDIA+ Training Classes

Becoming Certified in Document Imaging

The CDIA+ certificate is useful for both end-users of the technology and for vendors/VARs who sell and implement document management systems. Departmental users and information technology users will receive a solid background on the technology. Users who complete the training will also be more knowledgeable when working with consultants and vendors.

As a document technology professional, and more importantly as someone who consults and recommends document solutions for business applications, it is imperative that you set yourself apart from other imaging professionals who are competing to implement imaging solutions. So, how could you gain a competitive edge over the competition? The answer is by becoming a Certified Document Imaging Architech. 

 What Is a CDIA+?

CompTIA offers a program that provides computer based (on-line) testing of individuals in the fundamental knowledge of the disciplines that comprise document management/electronic imaging implementation. The CDIA+ program is endorsed and backed by leading hardware and software vendors, distributors, re-sellers as well as major imaging publications and AIIM International  ( www.aiim.org ).  In 1997 AIIM incorporated the CDIA certification program into the Masters of Information Technologies credential. CompTIA can be contacted at www.comptia.org

Who Can Apply For Certification?
Anyone who wants to be recognized as a skilled document management/electronic-imaging expert can take the CDIA exam. The certification test does require a solid understanding of all the technologies and systems integration issues necessary for a successful document imaging implementation. Participants who pass the test become certified, demonstrating that they possess critical understanding of how to successfully plan, design, test and implement a document imaging system.

What is the @doc CDIA+ class?
Our training course prepares to you take the CDIA test. Participants take sample CDIA+ tests to better prepare for the real test. Our class is structured around the areas covered by the exam:

1. Kickoff   

2. Strategy

3. Analysis  

4. Justification & Approval

5. Identify Solution (Conceptual Design)

6. Design

7. Conversion 

8. Prototype

9. Implement

10. Train