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Updated to 2005 objectives!!  Take a 255 question comprehensive CDIA+ test on-line

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Document Technology Apprentice
For those of you who are having a hard time finding a local class to teach you about imaging technology, we have created a new CD-ROM product just for you. 

We have taken all of our CDIA training materials including 3 sample tests, added our expertise in project planning, analysis and a number of international document management issues to create this CD-ROM.  Experience all the benefits of a classroom course taught by our trainers but at your own speed (at home or at work!!!)

The course includes:
  • Strategic and Project planning for imaging including identifying organizational goals, strategic applications, project team development. Includes a number of international issues an concerns.
  • Includes 3 self-scoring sample tests.
  • Full searchable glossary of imaging terminology, 
  • a study sheet of formulas and measurements,
  • A Case study with questions and answers to help understand the concepts. 

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