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@doc CDIA+ Training Agenda

The New 10 Step Program

@doc will deliver a two or three day course preparation class for the CDIA+ exam. The CDIA+ test has recently been updated to reflect a more comprehensive set of learning objectives.  These objectives cover a number of business issues and technical issues related to planning, analyzing, designing and implementing an imaging application.  We have organized these objectives and our training program into the following outline.  The course will be presented with a case study to assist attendees with applying the concepts presented in a holistic fashion. Attendees will also be presented with two sample tests based on the new objectives.  To see the list of objectives and more information about the new CDIA+ visit http://www.comptia.org.


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Our study materials are certified to meet CompTIA's testing objectives


1. Kickoff

         Project team, sponsorship, roles, responsibilities, schedule commitments & timelines

2. Strategy

  • Determine organizational & project goals, specific problems to solve

  • Determine processes & groups, users and skill level, corporate culture & organization

  • Determine scope and technology options (RM, DM, CM, COLD, etc), solution type

  • Determine standards, legal and records requirements, disaster recovery/vital records requirements

3. Analysis

Analyze document processes with methodology

  • Workflow, indexing, security

  • Current work environment:  output, document handling and disposal requirements

Analyze volumes     

  • Document types, characteristics, quantities, retention, query and capture requirements

  • Determine impact of solution on network 

Current computing environment

  • Platforms, databases, protocols, servers, existing scanners, RM systems, Integration requirements    

Communication plan 

4. Justification & Approval

  • Gather business requirements

  • Determine strategic & productivity benefit, costs and ROI, assumptions & risks

  • Determine viability & impact on end user

 5. Identify Solution (Conceptual Design)

  • Identify & quantify alter native solutions, delivery method

  • Proposal of solution (present to management)

  6. System Design

Determine capacity  

  • Calculate image size with compression, storage, network throughput, scalability

Design capture tools

  • Document preparation  & alternative requirements Document conversion, loading, Image enhancement, Indexing methods & tools, Recognition & forms processing

Design storage system         

  • Volume, storage architecture & subsystem including records retention requirements impact  

7. Infrastructure Design

Design integration requirements (legacy, office docs, ERP, etc)

Design retrieval tools & processes     

  • Retrieval specifications, security model  & process, audit/log requirements, & database platform, doc classes, attributes, indices  

Define hardware     

  • Define infrastructure & select hardware network/delivery method scanners          

Design new work environment (procedures)

  • Input, output, security, authoring, versioning , document workflow & rules, back-up, disaster recovery system

8. Conversion 

  • Determine need for backfile approach & strategy, location of data sources

9. Implement

  • Develop implementation plan, scope change process, implementation roles & responsibilities, need for change management      

  • Work process simulation & testing

  • Document - Understand requirements and value of documentation

10. Train

  • Assess skills

  • Develop training plan